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Projector Bracket Tripod

Projector Bracket Tripod

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This projector bracket tripod seems like a versatile solution for various audio/video needs, especially for those who require mobility and flexibility. Here's a breakdown of its features and specifications:


Travel-Friendly Design: The foldable tripod can be compactly stored in a travel bag, making it convenient for outdoor use and transportation.

Versatile Usage: Suitable for a range of activities such as presentations, recordings, readings, and speeches, making it ideal for home, stage, or studio environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Universal Compatibility: Designed to accommodate various audio/video equipment and DJ audio gear, offering flexibility in usage.

Rugged Construction: Made from durable metal, ensuring longevity and stability during operation.

Easy Installation: Simple to set up and use, allowing for hassle-free assembly.

Floor-Standing Design: Tripod design provides stability and support, ensuring the projector or other equipment remains securely in place.

360-Degree Rotating Tray: Enables adjustment for multiple viewing angles, enhancing versatility.

Anti-Slip Stability: Equipped with a stable tripod base that prevents slipping and floor damage.

Foldable Design: Easily foldable for compact storage and portability.

Detachable Components: Allows for convenient disassembly for travel and storage purposes.

Product Specifications:

Large Bracket Height Adjustment: Adjustable from approximately 22.24 to 63 inches (56.5 to 160 cm), providing flexibility in positioning.

Small Stand Height Adjustment: Adjustable from approximately 15.55 to 43.31 inches (39.5 to 110 cm), catering to various height requirements.

With its sturdy construction, adaptable design, and convenient features, this projector bracket tripod appears to be a reliable solution for individuals seeking a versatile and portable audio/video equipment stand.

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